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Schweizer Fire Protection is a family-owned business that has enjoyed a 35- year run, and is still going strong. The company specializes in recharging fire extinguishers, but they also do inspections on automatic fire systems and sprinkler systems.

Licensed and Certified in Pa, NJ. And De.


Fire and smoke emergencies can start at a moment’s notice without any warning and spread quickly. You and your property could be in jeopardy if you don't have reliable and efficient systems in place to prevent and stop fire.


Rely on Schweizer Fire Protection Co. Inc. to make sure you’re prepared. We provide all of the fire suppression, sprinkler, and kitchen ventilation services you need.

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We sell, install, and service fire suppression, sprinkler, and kitchen ventilation systems. Rely on us to give you the professional services you need to have peace of mind.

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With more than 35 years' experience, we know all of the safety codes. Trust us to install and maintain systems and help with city violation compliance and permits.

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We want you to get the services you need. Estimates are FREE and 24/7 emergency assistance is offered throughout the Delaware Valley, New Jersey, and the Poconos.

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